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4 Flavors of Emails That Sell (Without Feeling or Doing Anything Sleazy)

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Cook Up Hella Delicious Emails with me!

Create a spicy, tasty email strategy that supports your taste buds (a.k.a, your business, and your energy)

Spread your impact while staying aligned with your mission + values

Feel more empowered to do marketing on your own terms (and less at the mercy of the algorithms)

Sell in email without feeling or doing anything sleazy or like a bug-a-boo–even if you’re not a copywriter

Build deep connections with your people, so that they’re excited to read emails from you

Hi, I'm Chef Allison!

Allison Carpio is an author, speaker, email + copy coach, and head chef at The Conversion Kitchen.

Learn how to cook up hella delicious emails that sell your services + coaching--without feeling or doing anything sleazy. Email can be joyful and playful, just like cooking!

She got fed up with all the fake scarcity and oppressive tactics in the email marketing world--especially from the bros and boss babes. Now, she helps her clients get off the content hamster wheel and make more consistent sales with email without the sleaze.