Women of Color Entrepreneurs:
Let's Get Hella Rich

in Money, Time, and Joy


If you’re here, chances are you’re a Woman of Color or Femme of Color entrepreneur who wants to get hella rich in time, money, and joy. 

And we’re willing to bet there’s a big problem standing in your way that we gotta call out:   

The online business space is dominated with hella white coaches.

We know this statement is hella obvious. And we know firsthand these white coaches don’t and won’t fully understand BIWFOC--which means you won’t get the full benefits of a coach.  

All these white-led groups didn't understand the complexities that WOC face in business (ahem, racism and sexism). That is systemic. That is a reality. Whether or not you've experienced that yet, it's undoubtedly going to happen. 

Because in all realness, they don’t know how being a WOC and/or child of immigrants impacts your business. 

We know because we’ve been part of high-level, five figure masterminds AND communities. And we were always the only WOC in there. 

And real talk--no one fully understood us. They were unsafe spaces where we couldn’t fully show up as ourselves because these programs and communities were NOT built for us in mind. 

Which means we couldn't fully reap the benefits of these programs and spaces because we didn't feel the support from our peers, and our coaches didn't even know how to mentor us. 

And guess what? It’s easy to get stuck in levelling up in these spaces. Which brings us to the next problem...

Most coaching will focus on either strategy or mindset only--but you need both to level up! 

We’ve poured thousands of dollars into masterminds that simply focused on the strategy piece. 

We knew there were mindsets and inner blocks, but all they would say is, "Build this funnel or use this messaging or do this offer!" But it didn't matter how “perfect” the strategy is, because inner blocks will come in to sabotage success.

And when we did invest in masterminds and business coaches focused on pure mindset...we found ourselves actually needing strategy help. 

We would have questions on actual strategy for pricing, packaging, marketing--the coaches would simply ask, "Well, how do you feel about that?"or "What do you feel your pricing should be?" 

It drove us up the WALLS. 

And yet it's important to get our minds right both in mindset and strategy in order to face external barriers more confidently. 

So that we--in community with other like-minded, ambitious, badass women of color--can work together to increase our revenue. 

That’s why we created a membership and space exclusively for Women and Femmes of Color.

So you can build a business that brings you time, money, and joy. 

So you could be present with the people you love and not worry about your business. 

So you could wake up in the morning and say, "What do I want to work on?" 

So you have control and complete autonomy of how much money you're making, how much time you're putting into your business, and have that freedom to live the life that you have been dreaming of. 

THAT is the definition of Let's Get Hella Rich for us, and that’s the vision we have for you. 

So, if you are down and you are a self-identified woman or femme of color, here's our solution to this with the Let's Get Hella Rich membership.

In the Let's Get Hella Rich membership, we're going to help you do a couple of things:  

First and foremost, we're going to help you understand your full worth so you can and raise your prices. 

We start here because we’ve found BIWFOC tend to undercharge and over-discount. But not anymore!   

Second, we're going to help you attract more high paying customers and get your customers saying, "Shut up and take my money," without all of the white supremacist, racist, sleazy, scammy marketing BS that you're seeing online all the time.

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Third, we’ll help you truly understand your market, your clients, and build that thought leadership in a white dominant space so you can show up as your true self as a woman of color, without watering it down, without hiding any bit of yourself. 

Sis, it's time to get HELLA rich. And we're here to help you grow. 

This isn't yet another white entrepreneurship, non-WOC offer that ignores your identity as a Woman of Color. We've been in those circles before, and they don't work for WOC like us. 

That's why we want to invite you to our WOC-exclusive membership, built for WOC, by WOC.

Desperation vs. Service - Client's feedback

Our membership for WOC entrepreneurs 
gives you coaching, training, and community so you get hella rich in money, time, and joy:

1. Mo' Confidence, Mo' Schmoney:
Raise Your Prices, Do What You Love, and Get What You Want Program for WOC 

Which of these do you want, sis?

  1. More schmoney! A 20-55% pay increase, right now. (That’s the average amount my clients receive after hiring me...even women who’ve never negotiated before in their life!)
  2. Your dream business, an ideal workday filled ONLY  exciting projects that light you on fire and make Mondays feel insanely fun!
  3. A partner who joyfully folds the laundry, does the dishes without complaint, says “I’ll handle dinner tonight” (instead of, “What are we having?”) and brings you a chilled glass of cucumber water...just ‘cause.
  4. A win-win relationship with your customers where both of you are getting what you want, growing, and thriving.
  5. Customers and clients who respect your boundaries and who never, ever send you annoying emails marked “urgent” after 5 p.m., on weekends, or during your precious vacay time! Hell to the no!

Do you want 1 of those things? Or how about all 5?

This Mo' Confidence, Mo Schmoney program makes it possible--and it's created specifically for ambitious Women of Color entrepreneurs like you...so you can break through your limiting beliefs and money mindset blocks...and get paid that good money! 

Normally, this program is over $1,100 to join and only runs a couple times a year. And, to work with Nadia private, it costs over $7,000...but we're including this badass mindset program as part of the Let's Get Hella Rich membership

This program was built for RE$ULTS, and here's proof: 

2. The "Shut Up and Take My Money!" System to Authentically Attract & Convert Customers Thrilled to Buy From You

You do NOT have to be an expert marketer or copywriter to make more sales online.

And you do NOT have to listen to the bro-y, sleazy marketers in the industry to get the results you want.

In working with 7 and 8-figure businesses, I've found what you need is simple:

  1. A deep understanding of your ideal customer -- empathy for who she/he is, what they want to accomplish, what's keeping them up at night, and what they dream of
  2. An irresistible offer built specifically to get your customers the results they want, so they shout from the rooftops how amazing YOU are! 
  3. Crystal-clear messaging that attracts your ideal customer and gets them thinking, "Is she in my head?! How does she get it without even talking to me?!"
  4. A simple yet effective conversion system that consistently brings you new customers without doing launches all the time...in an authentic way that aligns with YOUR values as a WOC entrepreneur.
  5. Mouthwatering copy that deeply resonates with your customer...getting them saying, "Shut up and take my money!" without you even having to sell. 

That's exactly what the "Shut Up and Take My Money!" program teaches you--all the pieces you need to attract & convert more high-paying customers online. 

Normally, this program is $997. And for Allison to do the heavy lifting for you, it costs $15,000.

But you don't have to pay any of that--this program is included with your Let's Get Hella Rich membership

Plus, you get live support from Allison during the strategy calls and in the community. So you won't be brainstorming and executing alone.

Here's some of the amazing results from Allison's teachings: 

3. LIVE Mindset Coaching with Nadia, Worthiness & Mindset Coach for WOC

Have you found yourself thinking any of these things?

  • "I don't want to come off as spammy or greedy."
  • "Who am I to teach this? Why would anyone listen to me?"
  • "I should pay my dues first...then I could finally [fill in the blank]."

Girl, you're not alone. And you're certainly not broken.

Real talk: mindset training isn't a one-and-done deal. 

As you level up your mindset, you run into different internal blocks. 

And without a rock solid mindset, it doesn't matter if you have the "perfect plan." Because your mindset will stop you from taking action.

That's why every month, you get a live group coaching session where Nadia helps you get unstuck and claim the confidence of Michelle Obama and JLo combined.  

Group coaching with Nadia costs over $1,000 each time--and again, her group coaching only happens a couple times a year.

But this group coaching is included with your Let's Get Hella Rich membership, AND it's here to support you every month of the year! 

4. LIVE Strategy & Execution Coaching with Allison, Author,  Speaker and Top Marketer

Don't take action alone, girl! No more guessing on what will work for your business.

Allison is here to revamp your copy, brainstorm new offers, map out your conversion system, and give your messaging a sexy makeover. 

Hiring Allison for one private consult costs $997. And to hire her to do it for you, it costs $15,000. 

Good news is, these strategy & execution sessions are included in your Let's Get Hella Rich membership...month after month, all-year long! 

Even if you can't make any of the calls, you can get feedback in the private group forum.

It's like having a top marketer and copywriter on your team!  

5. A Community of Badass Women of Color Entrepreneurs to Lift You Up & Support You

Running an online business can feel lonely, especially if you're a solopreneur.

You feel like you have to know or find all the answers. You experience your struggles on your own. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is thriving and you're struggling.

That's FAR from true.

Real talk--if there's one thing that we learned in growing our business...

It's having a community of other WOC makes running a business more enjoyable. And when you're having fun, guess what happens?

You show up for your business. Customers get excited to buy from you. You sell more than you ever have. 

We said it before and we'll say it again--this is NOT yet another free Facebook community about business. This is a premium group of badass Women of Color who want to elevate their revenue, mindset, and impact. 

Got questions before joining?

It’s $1 for your first 7 days to give us a test ride! If you still have some lingering questions to see if this is the right fit for you at the right time, let us slide into your DMs.

Who is the Let's Get Hella Rich Membership best for?

  • You believe money is freedom. You believe money makes things possible, and you want to learn from people who know how to build wealth and time freedom.
  • You’re ready to take action and slay your internal blocks. You’re ready to take out the head trash and start making money moves.
  • You want a safe space with other badass WOC entrepreneurs--you understand the value of having a space exclusively for WOC.
  • You value both mindset AND strategy. You know they both work with each other.
  • You’re tired of learning from and with white people. You're looking for "your people" who finally get you. Without you having to explain or tone yourself down.
  • You value constant support--not just the temporary thrill of an 8 week program.

Real talk--the Let's Get Hella Rich membership isn't for everyone. If you're a WOC entrepreneur and you're ready to take control of your money, your time, and your joy...this membership is perfect for you.

Working with Us Ain't Cheap...But this membership gives you the same benefits at a fraction of the cost

We know our sh*t works, and that's why we can charge high prices to work with us.

To work with Nadia privately, your minimum investment is $7,000. And her (seldom) group cohorts are above $1,100--and they're only 10 weeks.

To hire Allison to do the work for you, your investment is $15,000. To hire her to coach you, your minimum investment is $3,000 per project. 

But you don't have to pay those prices. AND, you can get ongoing, continuous support on your mindset and strategy from both Nadia and Allison. 

We're so damn thrilled to make this membership available to WOC entrepreneurs--and to celebrate our launch, we're offering something special.

For founding Let's Get Hella Rich members, you can try our membership for just $197/month.

That's less than 1% of what you would pay if you worked with both of us privately!

What would making hella bank, getting more time in your day, experiencing more joy in your life be worth to you?

Become a Member of the Let's Get Hella Rich Membership Exclusively for WOC Entrepreneurs

Get started today and slay your money mindset blocks, raise your prices, attract and convert more high-paying customers, and grow your business doing what you love. 

Just now for $197/month

Got questions before joining?

It’s $1 for your first 7 days to give us a test ride! If you still have some lingering questions to see if this is the right fit for you at the right time, let us slide into your DMs.


We're hella confident you're going to slay your revenue and time goals with us.

We've done it for hundreds of entrepreneurs and WOC, and now it's YOUR turn, sis.

Once you either increase your revenue by 30% or work 30% less hours/week...we'll send you a special gift fit for a badass. The best part? You get to choose what gift you want. We can't tell you exactly what your options are--but just know they are truly covetable for a badass like you.

And while you can leave your membership at any time, we ask that you don't rejoin for at least another 12 months. We want to make sure this community is for WOC who are committed, not coming in and out of the membership. 

We're confident you'll stay with us. You will LOVE the coaching, training, and community. It's priceless! 🙌🏽

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